Thanks for writing this. I’ve been a cannabis user for over a decade to help with PTSD and the resulting anxiety and depression. My cannabis use has always made me feel ashamed. I can also relate to the fear of being arrested for smoking a plant…several of my friends have been to jail and completed court-ordered rehab programs for weed. Cannabis stigma is still very prevalent, and it’s confusing considering our country’s love for excessive alcohol use and prescription pills. I attribute part of that to prohibition still being in effect federally. Cannabis isn’t legal per the US government, but oxycontin is if it’s prescribed by your doctor. I just got my medical marijuana card this year, and it has greatly improved my quality of life. Medical cannabis is consistently high-quality, lab-tested, and grown correctly. The medical herb works so much better for my PTSD, and it’s also been fun figuring out with strains and terp profiles work best for me. It sounds like your cannabis experience has been largely positive, save a few instances of judgment from people that don’t know anything about cannabis. I am glad you discovered that cannabis is medicine that works for you, and I wish you nothing but continued success using the healing plant.


Cooking (mostly vegetables), foraging, mushrooms, wild food history and fermentation.

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