Somehow I stumbled across this older story (perhaps because I’ve been making a lot of bread recently, like everyone else during this quarantine). I’m a Florida native, and I love to recreate old recipes that hearken back to the days of “Old Florida.” Those days are gone, and we’re now inundated with out-of-staters that move here for nary more than the temperatures. Nevertheless, I dig through my Cross Creek Cookery book, skipping past the recipes that call for nailing a cooter to a tree, and often landing on skillet cornbread recipe (which I bake up using Geechie Boy Jimmy Red Corn, of course). I love your devotion to making salt-risen bread, and your love for the Appalachian region, your home. And oddly enough, I think about and re-read Lucky Peach often. I just cooked peanut butter collards from their Power Vegetable book last night, followed by a batch of AK cookies from the Holiday issue. I’ll be reading the piece on salt-risen bread today. Sounds like you aren’t a fan! I’m a Lucky Peach junkie, but having read your account of recreating the bread and the origin of the recipe, I’ll take their opinion with a grain of salt (pun most definitely intended). Thanks for making me smile this morning!


Cooking (mostly vegetables), foraging, mushrooms, wild food history and fermentation.

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