I want to be like you when I grow up. I’m 28, soon to be 29. I have a degree that I worked very hard for (took me 10 years, paying cash to get it). I own a business. I’ve adopted my younger siblings, and I am still raising the youngest one (I do not want children of my own). I’ve been overseas once and I cannot wait to return. Time goes by so fast, and I do fear aging. I’m afraid to develop health problems, I’m afraid that I won’t travel to all the places I want to see, I’m afraid of the state of the world. I am afraid of death. And I will admit, I am afraid to look in the mirror and see a woman that I don’t recognize. This beautifully written piece has given me a new perspective on aging and how vibrant, exciting, and fulfilling life can (and will) be if I make it so. Thank you 🙏


Cooking (mostly vegetables), foraging, mushrooms, wild food history and fermentation.

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