I really enjoyed reading your take on buying cannabis from a dispensary vs. a street dealer. I definitely think that it depends on your situation, the state you live in (unfortunately), and whether or not you have a reliable dealer who sells quality products. I’ve been a regular cannabis user for over a decade. I’ve known great dealers who sold some of the best bud I’ve ever smoked, and I’ve also been stuck buying super low-quality street weed (so low quality that I suspect I was also buying hemp sprayed with THC). I was smoking such a large amount of questionable street weed that wasn’t giving me the effects I was looking for — I was basically wasting my money & was considering quitting altogether. Then I got my medical card and it seriously changed my life. The quality blows street weed away. It’s lab-tested, mold-free, and grown without dangerous chemicals. I can choose from a variety of products beyond flower that suit my needs (concentrates, tinctures, RSO, etc). I can now sleep, manage my pain, and treat my anxiety from PTSD. But I live in a state where cannabis is illegal for recreational use, so getting my medical card not only gave me access to high quality medicine, but it also keeps me out of jail.

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